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The Animals

These are some of the animals that have found their way to the shelter some of them are still with us others have found homes. Take a look at the adopt page for animals urgently looking for homes at present. We also take in small animals for holiday boarding. Please contact us for details. The links page has links to other animal sites offering useful information on care and products relating to the animals.

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The family
The English/French Lop Family of girls, who came to us as Mum and her five baby daughters, unwanted. They stayed with us for two and a half years, until someone eventually came along to see them after a website feature and offered them all a home together. To read their story click here>>>

Cats and Kittens are generally available most of the time. We receive all breeds and colours, please inquire what is available or visit the adopt page.

guinea pigs
Guinea Pigs - a popular family pet and at present we have many Guinea Pigs for re homing. If you are thinking of a Guinea Pig for a pet please consider adopting instead of buying from a pet store. If you would like advice on the care and needs of Guinea Pigs more Information can be found on the links page.
Birds - We often have birds for re homing, these are some of the beautiful birds that come into our care. They can only go to an aviary. Please enquire about birds available for adoption. We can offer help and advise on their care.

Dogs and Puppies - We often have both dogs and puppies for re homing. These are just some of the dogs that have been in Rescue and have eventually found new homes.

BiscuitRaven/Three EnglishLopsX
Rabbits - We always have many rabbits available including house rabbits. Various breeds, small and large, and many different colours. Unfortunately bunnies are very misunderstood pets and are regularly discarded by their owners. A better understanding of their needs and how to care for them can bring a happier relationship for both rabbit and owner. We have carefully chosen some links to other sites providing information on the care and needs of rabbits including health. Visit these sites via our links page.
Radar/GreyBun Radar and this pretty grey bunny are two of many beautiful bunnies that have found a new home through the centre. He was featured on our adopt page some time ago now. The adopt page shows bunnies looking for new homes. These pages are updated regularly, with many bunnies and some of the other animals available for adoption at the present time.

Ferrets Playing
Ferrets Our rescue centre does not take ferrets, but from time to time we do receive enquires. If you are interested in offering a home to a rescue ferret we now have a contact who specialises in re homing. Clare who lives in the Bulwell area of Nottingham has ferrets available for rehoming and also runs a ferret hotel. You can contact her direct on 0115 854 8783 or visit her website www.freewebs.com/theferrethotel


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