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The English/French Lop Family

The girls in the Rescue Centre as shown in their first web site feature around January 2002

Our family of girls arrived at the Rescue Centre, unwanted, around the end of 2001. Mum and her babies of about five weeks old had had been with us in the centre for a few months when in April 2002 we launched our new website. Later that year we featured them on the new website in an effort to find them a home, as there had been no interest shown in them at all, but sadly the feature did not bring them a home either. We had by this time decided that they would stay with us in the rescue centre and they all became part of the family. We became very fond of them and regarded them as permanent residents instead of just passing through - we loved them - if no one else did.

The following summer Amanda decided that she wanted to try again to find them a home, she believed they deserved more than she could give them, they are all big bunnies and they really needed more space and freedom than we could give them in the shelter. So we decided to present a large feature of them again on the website and try once more to find them a home. It was decided to split them into pairs, as we felt that it would be impossible to find anyone to accommodate all six together. We would have liked them to stay together but felt that being rehomed in pairs would be better than not getting a home at all.

The feature went out on the website and after only a couple of weeks we had a couple of enquiries which was very encouraging. One of the enquiries was quickly followed up by a visit to the centre from Louise and Steven from Northampton who straight away offered to take all six of the bunnies. They had recently had their garden made into a bunny haven and were now ready to offer some bunnies a super home. We were really thrilled and when we saw the pictures of what they had to offer, we new that this was the place for them to go. We knew we would miss them terribly but at the same time felt very happy for them.

We now have some pictures of the girls in their new home and would like to show them as we believe that they could give ideas to others of what can be done and how to set up a bunny garden. Most of our adopters offer good accommodation to the bunnies, it is something we try hard to promote in order to get a better deal for rabbits everywhere.

The new bunny home and enclosure opening out onto the lawn

The bunny enclosure

The Bunny House

Lunchtime - "come on where's Mum"

Chilling out in the shade - must have eaten too much!

Dinner time - and we all sit down to together

Loads to explore here - "help I'm stuck"

What's up there !!!

Peace and quiet at last - they won't find me in ere

Oh no not more pictures

Wish they would go away with that camera and let me sleep.

Look at this space girls let's have a run around
It's dark, the night light is on, time for bed girls, what a lovely day we have all had, and tomorrow is another day - Goodnight


Enjoy your new life - love from us all at the Rescue