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The following are links to other sites offering advice, care, and information on many of the types of animals that we have for adoption, there is even a site to buy your pets goodies! We hope you find the links useful and if anyone would like to link their site to us please contact:- Info@bramcote-rescue.co.uk

A non-profit making site that brings together good homes and the rescue animals that need them. A national database holding information from the animal rescue centres that have registered with them. www.animalsaver.co.uk
Avian & Exotic Parrot Rescue is a non profit family run rescue helped by experienced volunteers. These generous people have full-time jobs, and donate their time to helping birds find homes. www.avianandexoticparrotrescue.co.uk
Caring for your animals when you can’t be there. Are you going away and need someone to care for your pets in your home? or don’t have enough time in the day to walk your dog or can’t due to ill health? Then visit our website for details www.creature-care.co.uk
NetPetShop.co.uk, an online pet store selling supplies for many animals including cats, dogs. reptiles and small pets. Guaranteed low prices on all pet supplies, with a large range of goods from foods, toys, beds, and hutches. www.netpetshop.co.uk

Online store based in Derbyshire, distributing Pet Products throughout the UK. Petshop-Direct offers quality goods at affordable prices, including a design your own 'Pet Tag' which by Law every dog should wear. Every tag purchased through our website £1.00 is donated to Bramcote Rescue. www.petshop-direct.co.uk

Bunny Bazaar is an online shop selling some really nice healthy things for Bunnies. Other goods are available too, a really good place to buy toys and treats for your furries and you, with a bigger and better selection than ever! www.bunnybazaar.com

A website with herbs, essential oils and natural products for sale plus free full page listings in a searchable Members, Goods & Services database for anyone offering Goods or Services for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rodents or exotics. www.galensgarden.co.uk

Pet Rescue is a website dedicated to helping rehome unwanted animals. There is a message forum for posting messages. It operates for the whole country, you can find pets needing homes in your local area via the forum. www.pet-rescue.org.uk

A website working to help Rabbits in finding homes. This site also includes information on caring for rabbits, fostering, volunteering, rabbits looking for homes and lists of Rescue Centres throughout the country. You can also register to receive regular news letters. www.rabbitrehome.org.uk

Guinea Pig logo
Guinea Pig Quick-Brief
  - A site offering advise on keeping Guinea Pigs as family pets. Taken from personal experience, the site offers lots of information on feeding, cleaning, health etc. www.coldal.org/cavie.htm

A new comprehensive website with information about Degus. Covering their history, needs and all you need to now about keeping Degus as pets. www.degutopia.co.uk

Primarily an information site with a variety of advice, tips, facts and pictures as well as busy forums where members can get advice from other owners and breeders. www.pimms-pages.co.uk

PetPlanet has a shop for all your pet needs and offers information on rehoming, lost animals, charities,
rehoming centres in your area, health and welfare and lots of other information relating to pets.

An excellent site on the care of Rabbits. The site is American and although it is our policy to only link to UK sites the information on this site is excellent on care, behavior and health matters and has helped us personally on health matters relating to our own rabbits. www.rabbit.org

The Ferret Hotel -
Holiday boarding for ferrets and from time to time Ferrets are available for rehoming. The site offers help and advice on caring for Ferrets and has links and information to many ferret rescues in other parts of the country. www.freewebs.com/theferrethotel.
Animal Healer Niki gives healing via crystals and Reiki to animals. She is also a Complementary Therapist & Reiki Master and has many 'human' clients too! www.ukanimalhealer.co.uk

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