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Bunny Housing

Here at Bramcote Rescue we feel very strongly about the way Rabbits are housed. We included a small feature on Bunny Housing in our Spring Newsletter 2004, we now feel that this should be a permanent full page feature of our website. We hope the page will give ideas to new bunny owners and people considering giving a home to rabbits as to how they can be kept other than being shut up in a hutch all day whilst their owners are at school and work.

A rabbit is the same size as a cat and some are even bigger. The British Giant and the French Lops can be as big as a medium sized dog and therefore need the same amout of space and exercise as a dog or a cat.

Here are some of the different ways people keep their bunnies, everyones houses and gardens are different and everones way of life is different, so one type of accommodation may not be suitable for everyone, but take a look and consider what you can do to improve the space and room you can give your rabbit(s).

Expense will of course always be an issue, but we have some lovely examples here and all of the pictures are from private owners, some examples cost more than others, but with a little thought, often something can be set up quite cheaply, expecially if the family has a DIY member.

The example above is much larger than the minimum recommendation and is large enough to house two rabbits. This type of hutch MUST have a permanent outside run attached to it.

Pictures courtesy of Alan at RSPCA Rabbits Norfolk. Alan advices that hutches should be used with permanently attached runs, the RSPCA does not approve of hutched rabbits that have no access to a run and neither does Bramcote Rescue. The hutches featured here have been designed by Alan and are all fitted with cat litter trays and garden gravel trays which makes changing easier. It also keeps the urine off the bottom of the hutch. Thanks to Alan for the pictures, the advice and information. Visit Alan's website at

For outdoor accommodation using a hutch and run, the MINIMUM recommended size by the RSPCA is 5ft x 2ft x 2ft (1.5m x 0.6m x 0.6m) for ONE rabbit.

This house has an extended run with moveable mesh panels to include some of the lawn, lovely for the summer. This is ex residents Abbey and Smokey's home.

Wendy houses with attached runs, we like to see these, very suitable for bunny houses, large enough to house two or three bunnies. Both have a small door giving access to the enclosed outdoor run.

The two pictures shown are identical but have been sent to us from different people that have adopted from us, proving that this type of accommodation is becoming quite popular. If used with litter trays the cleaning is quick and minimal and with the added advantage of being able to enter the house in order to sweep out and clean - great when its raining!!

The secure top on the run makes the enclosure safe from predetors, especially when the bunnies have to be left unattended

Two good examples, a large shed with enough room for three or four bunnies, easy to clean and maintain, litter trays protect the flooring and makes cleaning alot easier. The door opening out onto an enclosed garden for exercise. On the right a large outdoor extension to a Wendy House the run is great for when owners are absent, and both houses are large enough for when the bunnies have to be enclosed with enough space and light.. Again, pictures courtesy of Alan at RSPCA Rabbits Norfolk

This brick enclosure with the nice big sleeping area is ideal for a couple of bunnies as we can see. With access to an outside run or enclosed garden makes an ideal home.  

The final example of bunny housing that we would like to include in our Bunny Housing page has to have a page of its own. We ask all potential adopters what kind of housing they have and we do like our bunnies to go to good suitable accommodation. The following example is, however, the ultimate in Bunny Homes, and whilst we would all like to have this type of accommodation for our bunnies, circumstances and cost for most of us would be an issue and not all of us have the space, but take a look, it may give some ideas, people do spend alot of money on their gardens these days making them look attractive, why not design it to look attractive and add some bunnies instead of flowers!!!

Not only are we pleased to see such a lovely place to keep bunnies, we are very pleased that six of our bunnies, who had been in rescue for over two years have gone to live there, thanks to Louise and Steven, in Northampton. click here to see The Bunny Home

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