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(updated 28 May 2017)

Visiting time is now by appointment only (closed Thursday), if you would like to meet any of our animals with a view to adoption please telephone between 10am to 4pm daily, (except Thursday).
Telephone No: 01159 220286 (Landline) 07778 352541 (mobile)
The animals featured below are only a few of what is normally available.
Please note that unwanted animals are taken in at no charge

Do you need to rehome a hen ?
We are now taking in Hens for rehoming, please telephone us if you need to rehome a hen.

Please Note: All kittens are from the pregnant cats we take in - WE DO NOT BREED

We have room at present to take in Cats and Kittens


Oreo is a neutered male cat and he is just 16 months old. If you love big cats he could be the cat for you !! He is fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered. He loves to have fuss and is in foster with Sue at present and living with Mitsy. These two could go as a pair as it would be lovely for them to stay together. Please look past their colour, they are both beautiful cats.

If you would like to visit Orea Telephone 01159 220286 to make an appointment to view - you can see Misty also if you would like to consider them both !


Mitsy is a timid female but soon settles in when she knows you love her. She is just 16 months old, fully vaccinated and micro-chipped, she has also been spayed. Mitsy could be rehomed with Oreo as they are living happily together now.

I know not many people want two cats but would be great to see them homed together. Please call the rescue if you would like to meet her.
Telephone: 0115 9220286


Tonto is a large neutered boy with a heart of gold. He is vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered. Tonto is 7 years young and he loves people. He is good with other cats and is not worried about the calm dogs here. He has not lived with children in his previous home.

I know he is not a kitten but please give him a chance. There is many advantages of having an older cat, they are generally much calmer, more loving than the younger ones and make lovely companions.

Please come and see him and give him a chance Tel: 01159 220286

Could we please ask people coming to view bunnies to have accommodation ready for them before viewing.
This can speed up the rehoming process and make space for others..

For Bunny enquiries, please telephone the rescue on 01159 220286

Merlin and Alice

Merlin and Alice are a bonded pair and desperately need a new home together please. These two have been in rescue for a year and a half and no one has shown any interest in them. Merlin was neutered by our vet and Alice came to us spayed. They love to run around and are out of their large hutch every day no matter what the weather. They are used to dogs and cats. Like most rabbits they dont like to be picked up much they prefer to be stoked with all their feet on the ground.

Please telephone us if you can offer this lovely pair a home and arrange to come and visit them. Tel: 0115 9220286

Mini Lop Baby Bunnies
These beautiful baby Mini Lop Bunnies will be available to reserve in 3-4 weeks time. As you can see there are differnt colours and both sexes available.

Please telephone the center for an appointment to visit these beautiful little babies and reserve your bunny.
Telephone: 01159 220286

Guinea Pigs - Please note:-
Guinea Pigs are NOT for breeding.
We will only rehome females in pairs or as a companion to another female or a sterilised male that you already have.
If you already have a female or sterilised male you must bring her/him along with you to see how they get on.
We always have room for Guinea Pigs and can take in any unwanted ones.
Two Baby Male Guine Pigs

Two baby male Guinea Pigs. One is 7 weeks old and the other one is 12 weeks old.

Please telephone the center to make an appointment to visit these little guys if you can offer one or both of them a home. Tel: 0115 9220286.

These are six young adult female Guinea Pigs pictured below - many more in Rescue telephone to visit them
0115 9220286
Please note that Guinea Pigs can be neutered, they can then be paired with one or more females.

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