Ash House Rabbit Retreat

The New Rabbit Shed to be called - Ash House Rabbit Retreat

Under Construction


Under Construction

Our first new resident

Exploring his new home

Our new replacement Rabbit and Guinea Pig shed that arrived last Saturday 20th August 2011. The shed is made by Neil Christie of Home 4 Pets, Lancashire. The shed is to be called Ash House Rabbit Retreat and is in memory of Mr Ashley Pare who will be remembered always. After last winter our old shed was leaking and not up to the task any more and would not have made it through another harsh winter. The new shed allows us at long last to be able to give house rabbits a spacious place to call home until they are rehomed. As you can see from the pictures above Dutchess loves it. The next mission is to replace all the outdoor hutches with larger more spacious ones. If any one out there would like to help please get in touch with the rescue.