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Holiday Boarding

available for small animals.
Please book early
Deposit Required



Homes desperately needed for adult Cats - can you give a cat a home ??? - do come and see them - visit our adopt page

Many Lost and Found cats in the area
Please check our lost and found page - tortoise missing have you seen her ?


We mentioned before that all the Rescues in the area are full to overflowing with Cats looking for homes. The main causes of this is irresponsible people who do not neuter their Cats, people moving away or taking holidays and abandoning their cats and Landlords who will not take pets when people are forced to go into rented accommodation.

Please Please neuter your Kittens as soon as they are old enough. Many charities and some vets will do this at a reasonable cost, make enquiries, you may qualify for financial asistance in genuinely difficult circumstances. Talk to your landlords, they will often take a cat or two as they do not normally cause damage to property, but keep the number of animals to a sensible amount.

The winter is here now and the nights are getting cold, should anyone find a stray Cat and cannot find a place in a rescue, please try and find it some shelter in a shed or outhouse and put in a cardboard box with a blanket and give it some food and water until you can get help or get the cat into a rescue centre. Please dont abandon them.


Our Christmas Wish List
Please help us to give the animals in rescue a Christmas too, here is their wish list, any of the items listed will help us to give them a Christmas dinner, keep them warm and have some toys to play with.

Felix, Whiskers, or Sheba pouches in jelly
Go cat biscuits
Kitten jelly pouches any make
Tinned tuna, sardines, salmon in spring water for the fussy cats.
Science diet cat and kitten dry
Royale canin cat dry
Any senior cat food
Whiskers/morrisons cat milk
Lidl orlando cat sticks
Webbox delight sticks
Whiskers temptations, Dreamies
Wood cat litter.
Cat toys

Harringtons Rabbit/Guinea pig nuggets

Excel Rabbit/Guinea pig
Rabbit/Guinea pig treats
Boredom breakers

Hay bales or bags

Tinned Butchers Tripe/Beef
Morrisons square dog foils
Wonky chomp
Marrowbone biscuits
Asda hero chew bones

Any dog toys
Hard rubber balls or squeaky ones

Soft cuddly toys we use these for cats and rabbits too

Towels or blankets

Mouse is an old lady and should not be in rescue. She is approx 14 years old and needs a warm knee to sit on. Her owner has died leaving her with no home so she is looing for someone to take her in for her remaining years. We know its a lot to ask due to her age but older cats can be very rewarding.
Can someone give Mouse a home before Christmas comes


Please Note Our Normal Opening Times are:-
1pm-3pm - Daily except Thursdays
Telephone calls taken from 10am - 4pm

Closed Thursday

Other times by appointment

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If you can help please Telephone:
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Soft Toys for
DOGS and Rabbits


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