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Holiday Boarding

available for small animals.
Please book early
Deposit Required



Homes desperately needed for Cats and Kittens, many of them Adult - can you give a cat a home ??? - do come and see them - visit our adopt page

Many Lost and Found cats in the area
Please check our lost and found page - tortoise missing have you seen her ?


We would like to point out that at present we have a Cat crisis. All the Rescues in the area are full to overflowing with Cats and Kittens looking for homes. Several things are contributing to this problem such as irresponsible people who do not neuter their Cats and then expect Rescue Centres to take the Kittens that they cannot cope with. Irresponsible people who go away on holiday and leave their animals behind with no arrangements for anyone to care for them and Landlords who will not take pets when people are forced to go into rented accommodation.

Please Please neuter your Kittens as soon as they are old enough. Many organisations and some vets will do this at a reasonable cost, make enquiries, you may qualify for financial asistance in genuinely difficult circumstances. Anyone who finds a stray Cat that has been abandoned can you give it some shelter even if its in a shed or outhouse with food and water until this situation eases. Could renters try and persuade their Landlords that cats under normal circumstances do not cause damage to houses, and see if you can keep them, but keep pets to a sensible number.

At present we cannot take any more cats or kittens, because we simply do not have the room, it saddens us that so many are unwanted.
If anyone can help with fostering please ring the rescue on 0115-9220286 - thanks

These two beauties have been in rescue a while now and are still waiting for their loving new home. Who could resist such a lovely pair. Can someone offer these two little girls a lovely home they are overlooked each time someone comes to view, They are sisters about three months old and must stay together.
Visit our Adopt page for details of them and others.

Tish and Poppy

Please Note Our Normal Opening Times are:-
1pm-3pm - Daily except Thursdays
Telephone calls taken from 10am - 4pm

Closed Thursday

Other times by appointment

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